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The Divine Marigolds [CLOSED]

  • The Divine Marigolds [CLOSED]
  • N/A
  • Non-Union Television
  • High Definition
  • Non-Union; Other Union
  • Seattle, WA
  • Project Begins: Apr 2,
  • Project Ends: Jun 2,

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    Submission instructions:
    include the character you fit

This audition listing has ended.

�The Divine Marigolds� is a quirky Comedy/Drama about a large Irish-American family.
They are a lively group with hard working, loving parents and 5 grown
kids, all living their lives in the Pacific Northwest.
They own and operate a successful board shop off Alki Beach with each family member helping out where they can, some not at all.
Although they have their own families, lives and beliefs, this family stays close by working together, going to events, having family dinners, and trying to make it work as best they can. The show focuses on the choices we make as individuals that effect the lives of those around us and how their choices in turn effect us.


Character Breakdown / Project Needs
Eileen �Ruby� Marigold: (58: Caucasian.) Likeable, spunky and sweet, Ruby is
the proud mother of 5 children. Her life has been centered on raising her children, being a full time mother and her devotion to her Faith.
She adores her children and grandchildren but at times can be a bit overbearing and meddlesome. She and Pops still have that spark of love between them.

Christopher Marigold: (23: Caucasian) He is fit, handsome, well dressed and
always put together. Chris is the youngest Marigold son. He is a talented pastry chef who is on the fast track to success, with his good looks and innovative approach to cuisine.
He's a bit metro-sexual, very confident and is die hard into the "green" movement.

McKenna Marigold: (17, Caucasian): The Marigold�s youngest daughter. She is a observant and intelligent girl who is just beginning to blossom.
She works at the skate shop for her parents and is a pretty decent skateboarder.
She is clever, sarcastic, and is going through questions about her sexuality.
Actors must be 18 to be considered for the role.

Joe Fioretti: (28, Italian Heritage) Claire�s Husband. Joe is a pretty
confident guy who is also a bit self centered. He did well during the housing boom but has quietly lost a lot since the Recession. He loves his wife and kids but takes them for granted sometimes and considers himself the expert on everything.

Sabina: (mid to late 20's, any ethnicity) Liam�s love interest, a sophisticated business woman who is exotic, smart and sexy. They are an odd couple on the surface but have a great time together and seem happy.

Sarah Lewis: (21-23, any ethnicity): Chris� Girlfriend who is sweet on the surface but also a bit high maintenance. Sarah is an attrative girl with questionable intentions but she does earnestly try to get in good with the Marigolds, especially the sisters. Light hair color preferred.

Theodore (Teo) Shepard: (31, any ethnicity): Bridget's love interest and Liam's best friend since childhood. Good looking, athletic, womanizer who has never grown up and probably never will. Shepard is a ladies man with an angle on everything he does, he coaches Youth Soccer and charms all the soccer moms. He is lovable despite his many shortcomings. Actor must be athletic and look good without a shirt.

Craig: (Must look 17, any ethnicity): He is the Marigold�s next door neighbor. He is a HUGE twilight fan and dresses like Edward. He thinks he's a smooth talker and that his "look" is ultra hip. He is in love with McKenna (who isn't so sure of him) and takes any opportunity he can to woo her. He is the neighborhood pill dealer and tries hard to get in with the Marigolds.
Actors must be 18 to be considered for the role.

Audition/Interview Dates:
Monday Feb. 22nd- 3pm-8pm Tues Feb 23rd 5-9

Callbacks or second audition/interview?
TBD but there will be callbacks in March

Audition Requirements:
read from sides

Monetary compensation:
All roles are paid, TBD, plus there will be food, copy and credit.

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